With the King's Birthday Long Weekend coming up, we only have 2 Senior teams playing, with the Bluebellies and all Junior teams taking a break.

The Recreational Services Premiers are playing Silverdale this Friday night at 7:00pm at home, with a College game (Rosmini 2nd XV vs Mahurangi 1st XV) as curtain raiser at 5:30pm. The Mitre 10 Albany Colts play ECB at home on Saturday, kick off at 1:00pm.

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable long weekend!


Sat 27th May: Our fixture against ECB provided a great opportunity to build momentum towards the back end of the season. Unfortunately, mental lapses resulting in turning over possession, and the inability to be patient with possession resulted in a poor performance. ECB were able to convert our turnovers into attacking pressure and frequently earned points out of it. 
The highlight from the day was how many opportunities we were able to create. The team is working hard on how we can convert those opportunities into points.

Fri 2nd June: Recreational Services Premier 1 vs Silverdale, 7:00pm, NH Domain 1.

🏉 Player of the Day:  Cameron Abrahamse

Sat 27th May: With a team decimated by illness and injury for weeks, and another few added to the list prior to kick off on Saturday, it was an uphill battle to begin with for our Colts.

The team had 4 players battling ankle injuries (3 props 1 loosie) that suited up but failed the warm-up. This resulted in having to play uncontested scrums just to protect the remaining prop’s weight on the ankle.  They then lost their 15th player 6 minutes in with a possible dislocated elbow or fracture of the upper arm (off to A&E). In the 30th minute, they lost their 14th player with a knee injury (off to A&E only to discover previous fracture); thus leaving the team with only 13 players. This was disheartening to say the least, and although the players heads were in the game, their hearts were not.

To top it all off, Takapuna Rugby Club had too many teams and not enough facilities which left the Colts sharing a shed, and unfortunately no hot shower available after the match.

On the positive side though, the Colts had Conor Morley and Devon Gatcum named on the Premier Bench, and a Premier debut for Victor Maree, which is a great experience for these young lads. As well, there was a core group of U21’s who attended the Premier game and assisted with water and supported their fellow Clubmates in a show of Marist brotherhood and comradery. In the past week we’ve also had two of our players bring new players to the Club and the U21s team which will help our depleted stocks. The team were also impressed and grateful to have a NH Referee on Saturday, who showed empathy, patience and understanding of their situation. 

So Marist, let’s all wrap around Brent and his team, and show them the Mighty Saints are right behind them during this challenging patch. “Out of adversity comes opportunity.” Benjamin Franklin.

Sat 27th May: Mitre 10 Albany Marist Colts vs ECB, 1:00pm, NH Domain 2.

Sat 27th May: A Friday night under lights at Massey was a first for most, and well enjoyed. Another keenly contested match played in good conditions.  Two equally balanced teams played in good spirits.  At half time, the Bellies were leading 5-0, and managed to stay in the lead through the second half to score try for try and come out 17-5 at fulltime.  The second half defence won the game for us, as Massey had a number of chances to score but were denied.  Tyson Job was the well deserved player of the day for the Bellies. 
A week off this week to repair and rest the bodies, with Takapuna next up on the 10th.

🏉 Player of the Day: Tyson Job

Sat 3rd June: No game

Reports for the 27th May below. 

A great day for J2 on Saturday with another strong win under their belt against Kumeu. The boys are really working as a team and the scoreboard is reflecting that. A high number of tries spread across a number of players on the field.
🏉 Player of the Day: Dither Struwig
🏉 Coaches Award: Joshua Scharneck
🏉 Opposition POD: Asher Manu
🏉 Special Mention: Mason Koh

J3 had a tough game against Silverdale. We had a strong second half, but unfortunately, it was not enough to win. They played well with some good teamwork amongst a few lessons learned.
🏉 Player of the Day: Jared Blunden
🏉Coaches Award: Spencer Gliddon
🏉Opposition POD: KaelaMcCabe

J5 Wolves were back to their winning ways with a great victory over Helensville Black. Lots of awesome running rugby, some big tackles and something that definitely/possibly resembled rucking. GTS!
🏉 Player of the Day: Archie Carmichael
🏉Coaches Award: Handre Van Loggerenberg
🏉Opposition POD: Jake Hedgman

J6 Ninjas had a convincing win over Northcote Gold on Saturday, putting on a great displayboth on attack and defence. The kids confidence around the tackle is getting stronger each week. 
🏉 Player of the Day: Noah Cettina
🏉Coaches Award: Corban Lumsden
🏉Opposition POD: Corban Lumsden

What a fast game the J7 Red Tigers had with plenty of great tries, a lot of passing and plenty of ripping. The Takapuna team were equal to the task in their tries. Concentration is something to work on but we have plenty of time for that. There is a number of great players in the team, with most improving, so well done!!
🏉 Player of the Day: Ruan Smit
🏉Coaches Award: Isabella Florian
🏉Opposition POD: Cooper Stewart

The J7 Blue Tigers went up against the Takapuna Blue team. What a game it was! It was not a try fest, as both team's defence was really good and gaps closed up quickly. We worked on our defensive line during the week, and it really paid off.
🏉 Player of the Day: Liam Maguire-Aubrey
🏉Coaches Award: Alexis Wentzel
🏉Opposition POD: Miro Prendergast

J8 Red had a good game against Northcote, lots of passing and learning to play well together.
🏉 Player of the Day: Teifion Tavita
🏉Coaches Award: Conor Cann
🏉Opposition POD: Hunter de Villiers

J8 Blue Dragons played great against Glenfield. We had some great defence which resulted in winning our first turnover after getting 5 rips! 
🏉 Player of the Day: Jake Knight
🏉Coaches Award: Joel Senior
🏉Opposition POD: Mattheu Lamprecht

The U15 Opals got off to a great start against Takapuna, but with no subs for the second half struggled to maintain the early lead narrowly losing 13-14.
🏉 Player of the Day: Lize Bezuidenhout
🏉Coaches Award: Lucy Ellingham

Our U11 Sapphires turned up the volume with an amazing game on Saturday morning. With 3 players unable to play, we had no subs, but this resulted in learning some valuable game structure. They ran straight, took the rip & passed which opened up the gaps, just like we trained. The girls brought it home with a 14-11 win against Massey. Massive effort for captain Sammie and her whopping 8 tries!
🏉 Player of the Day: Sammie Kelly
🏉Coaches Award: Eden Rose
🏉Opposition POD: Summer Fullam

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We welcome all Club members and supporters - golfers, non-golfers, young, old, men, women.

Golf Day is on Friday 23rd June 2023 at the Pupuke Golf Club.
Tee Off is at 12:30pm, with Prizegiving at 6:30pm.

This is an important Club event, not only for the social aspect, but more importantly it’s one of our main fundraising events.

If you have a business that can donate product or a service for prizes, it would be gratefully received. Contact John Cameron on 027 261 9479 or email johnccameron100@gmail.com if you can help in any way.

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