Coming up this week, we have our Junior Disco on Saturday night, so get excited kids! Information on this has already been emailed to parents. See your Team Manager if you need details.

We are also finalising our Golf Day entries for the big event next Friday 23rd June. Last chance to enter, so CLICK HERE to enter your team NOW!

This week sees both Senior teams away, and just 3 Junior teams at home. Our littlest J7 & J8 Rippa teams are playing Friday night under lights at Takapuna, followed by pizzas for the players.


Sat 17th June: Recreational Services Premier 1 vs North Shore, 2:45pm, Vauxhall 1.

Sat 10th June: Playing at home against Takapuna, this was another tight game played in the best weather so far this season, albeit with both teams not having full squads.  The Bellies were 3 tries to 1 up at half time, but the Turtles came back in the second half to get it to 5 all with not much time left.  The team played to the final whistle and were able to score the winning try to get them on the right side of the 4 all draw. Player of the day was well deserved by Tarns.

🏉 Player of the Day: Tarns

Sat 17th June: Bluebellies vs ECB, 2:45pm, Windsor 1

At this midway point of the Junior season, it's a good time to be reminded of a few things that can keep all Junior players engaged and enjoying their rugby season. The following notes from the Union have already been shared with our Coaches & Managers, but it's also good for parents to be mindful of this too.

Junior Rugby is participation focussed in North Harbour and there are no competition points, so we ask that coaches do what they can to make it an enjoyable experience for ALL participants.

It is our expectation that teams playing any team struggling with numbers, either lend players or match them for numbers. 

Also, should any game become one-sided and there’s a score blowout (35 point deficit at half-time), some additional things that should be done as the opposition coach are:

1. Lending some of your better players

2. Kicking off after you score

3. Giving opposition a free tap to restart after scoring 

4. Not contesting at set-piece

This will go a long way to ensuring players on both sides have an enjoyable experience.

Reports for the 10th June below. 

Great to see the J2 boys challenged a little more today with Northcote starting strong. 
We turned up the heat in the second half for another great win 🏆. 
🏉 Player of the Day: Regardt Prinsloo
🏉 Coaches Award: Jacques du Plessis
🏉 Opposition POD: Joshua Scharneck 
🏉 Special Mention: Bronson Porter

A tough game against Northcote (always a tough team). There would have been a few bruised bodies in the afternoon.  Although there were moments of brilliance from our side, our boys did not work together as well as we know they can. A good reminder that team work is important. 
🏉Player of the Day: Jared Blunden
🏉Coaches Award: Toby Pudney
🏉Opposition POD: Curtis Saunderson

We recorded a great win over a strong North Shore side, playing the whole game with only 8 players against 9 and no subs.  Incredible effort from a special team!
🏉Player of the Day: Jesse Halgryn
🏉Coaches Award: Finn Senior
🏉Opposition POD: Mikah Brown

We had an impressive win over Silverdale on Saturday. The kids have been focusing on the importance of team work over the past couple of weeks and is truly showing in their commitment to support their team mates on both attach + defence. They also love a “Go The Saints” call. 
🏉Player of the Day: Geoffrey Kupa 
🏉Coaches Award: Liam Lochery
🏉Opposition POD: Rocco Robinson

J7 Red had a great game today against Takapuna with fantastic plays from both teams . We saw some good passing and playing as a team.
🏉Player of the Day: Thiart van der Merwe
🏉Coaches Award: Divan Greyling
🏉Opposition POD: Harrison Gott

We went up against Takapuna Gold. What a great game. Takapuna kindly loaned us 2 of their players as we only had 6 players. They really integrated well with our team. But that said, the Tigers have come a long way with great defending, running and side stepping; and there were even a couple of tackles in the mix (oops). Christian had a bunch of strong runs and great defense. Jax was everywhere; has definitely improved his game. And Janko had a really good game, with lots of tags and an awesome try.
🏉Player of the Day: Christian Coughlan
🏉Coaches Award: Jax Chase
🏉Opposition POD: Janko Bouwer

J8 Red had a great game, challenged by an excellent Northcote team. Lots of big runs and passing improving as the team continues to learn how to work together.
🏉Player of the Day: Harley Olvido
🏉Coaches Award: Benjamin Hewitt
🏉Opposition POD: Fady Francis

We had yet another improved performance against Takapuna Silver. Awesome to see the boys following the play and supporting each other on attack - another strong outing on defence with a couple max rip turnovers. 
🏉Player of the Day: Jake Knight
🏉Coaches Award: Haarlym Edwards-McCluthchie
🏉Opposition POD: Lenny Greyling


Although there were many moments of individual brilliance our Sapphire’s couldn’t bring it together as a team on Saturday. When we executed our game plan at training, we scored and ripped well but unfortunately these were pockets of cohesion throughout a challenging game. We were challenged by our opposition ref who needs much support in knowing the rules (and to not stand in the middle of the pitch all game!) I’m proud to say our girls conducted themselves exceptionally well given the myriad of unfair calls. We’ll take it all as learning and get down to business at training this week to get back to our recent form. Anna was awarded for her focus on our game plan, positioning & increasing leadership. And Alaena for her increased confidence seeing 5 tries & numerous rips.
🏉Player of the Day: Anna Alvey
🏉Coaches Award: Alaena Koh
🏉Opposition POD: Aby Livesey-Unasa

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