Finals Day at Kumeu Rugby Club for all Presidents teams this weekend. Best of luck to the Bluebellies!

Sat 12th August:  Bluebellies vs Massey, 1:00pm, Riverhead 2.

Reports for the 5th August below. 

Another strong result from J2 this week after playing Silverdale under lights. 
A few boys out sick/injured and the team showed great strength with some playing in different positions. 
The big hit of the day coming from Jacques. 
The team did us proud both on and off the field!. 
🏉Player of the Day: Warren Struwig
🏉Coaches Award: Dennis Engelbrecht
🏉Special mention: Chrislou Geldenhuys
🏉Opposition POD: Regardt Prinsloo

Short on players this week with injuries and sickness meant we had to borrow a player from our friends across the paddock and no subs.
The boys had a Rev up last week and they bought some heart to the field this weekend. 
ECB are always a very organized team and did still win.
Hopefully we will have a full team back on board leading into the business end if the season next week.
🏉Player of the Day: Louie Bosley
🏉Coaches Award: Spencer Gliddon
🏉Opposition POD: Joe Behrent

 J5 Wolves put in their performance of the season so far, with a huge win over Silverdale Gold. Coach was immensely proud of each and every player making a significant contribution, whether on attack or in a - at times brutal - defensive effort. With a few key players missing they played the whole game without a sub, and outplayed a bigger Silverdale side in every facet of the game.  
🏉Player of the Day: Keagan Visser
🏉Coaches Award: Bentley Leavitt
🏉Opposition POD: Lokei Lee
🏉Special Shout Out: to the whole team!

No Report.

J7 Red Tigers played the J7 Blue Tigers in wonderful conditions at our home grounds. They all played well with everyone in the Red Tigers getting a try! They all did well at getting rips too on a slightly bigger field than normal, which made for great runs. After the match most of the kids had a nice pancake to eat in the Clubrooms thanks to Tina!
🏉Player of the Day: Divan Greyling
🏉Coaches Award: Zoe Senior
🏉Opposition POD: Thiart van der Merwe

J7 Blue Tigers played against and with the Red Tigers. We only had 6 players, so the Red Tigers kindly lent us two players. It really was a great game with a lot of skills on display. We also took some learnings out of this game.
🏉Player of the Day: Jax Chase
🏉Coaches Award: Christian Coughlan
🏉Opposition POD: Miro Prendergast

The J8 Red Dragons has their most complete performance of the season with some fantastic plays on both sides of the ball. It's great to see improvements every week. 
🏉Player of the Day: Benjamin Hewitt
🏉Coaches Award: Harley Olvido
🏉Opposition POD: Sophie Pekepo

J8 Blue had another strong defensive outing against Glenfield - and playing well to the whistle taking advantage of loose ball. Wide swooping runs are now balancing out with running through traffic becoming more present on attack.
🏉Player of the Day: Charl du Plessis
🏉Coaches Award: Haarlym Edwards-McClutchie
🏉Opposition POD: Moby Hurinui

Really enjoyable team game had today by U15s playing friends from ECB. 
Lots of variety on attack, heaps of passes that just clicked today and great supported play.
Loved seeing the effort on defence, heaps of last minute try saving rips. Finished 25-10 on top.
🏉Player of the Day: Scarlett
🏉Coaches Award: Pippa

Saturday’s game was testament to the improvement trajectory our U11 Girls Sapphire’s team is on. Hosting the North Shore team, whom we were defeated by convincingly in the first game of the season; however this time defeating them by 20 tries to their 13. 
Increased ball carrier support, looking to off load more & improved rip grabbing. Our defence is still lacking in areas, leaving us relying on those with extra pace to save our bacon. 
A great result for us against a friendly opposition team. Big thumbs up to Cam for his consistency with the whistle & proactive responding to player observations & questioning during the game. Great referees really help our players improve their game.
Alaena, a fantastic all round performance; Anna, resilience & enacting coaching advice for our teams positional improvement.
🏉Player of the Day: Alaena Koh
🏉Coaches Award: Anna Alvey
🏉Opposition POD: Te Koharangi Moynihan

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