Member's Club

How Does This Work?

For this select and limited group, a Club handle, wine glass or other glass that has the Club Insignia on it will be available for initial purchase & renewal on a yearly basis.

This handle or glass is numbered and will belong to you permanently. It is only available to be used by you, and if the renewal fee is not paid, or you leave the Club for some reason, then the glass is yours to take. These glasses are kept away from the general use stock.

This glass will have a tag that shows your number and you will have a membership card you show to the Bar staff that you are the owner of the glass, and that you can get the benefits from being part of this select group.

Membership is yearly, and needs to be renewed by 31 March each year. If it not renewed by 31 March, the next person on the waiting list will be offered the vacancy.

The Benefits:

  • The Member's Club funds are used for a variety of projects for our Clubrooms.
  • The Member's Club entitles members to $1 off beers and 50c off Wine & RTD’s. This is only valid at Marist NH events at the Clubrooms year round (excludes private functions). ​​​​​​​
  • The Member's Club is limited to 100 handles and 50 other glasses. Once this is reached, then any vacancies will be filled by those on the waiting list.
  • As a member you are supporting the Club and in turn receiving something that is yours to keep.

The Conditions:

  • You must be a current and financial member of Marist NH to be eligible. If the MNH membership fee (playing or non playing) is outstanding, then you are not eligible. Refer to our Membership page for further details. If you are not a Member, there is a section on the Member's Club Form to sign up and pay to be an Associate Member. 
  • The handle/glass stays with Marist NH until such time you do not renew, then it can leave Marist NH.
  • The owner of the handle/glass is the only person who can get the benefits. The handle/glass is not transferable (i.e. cannot be given to someone else to go to the bar or used by someone else).
  • You must have your digital membership card with you when you come to the bar to use your numbered handle or glass. No card, no use. 
  • Any breakages of the handle or glass that has not been caused by Marist NH, is the responsibility of the member concerned.
  • When you go home from the Clubrooms for the evening etc, then you must return the handle or glass to the Bar to make sure it does not go missing, or is misused.

How Do I Join?

  • Please CLICK HERE to complete the Member's Club Online Form. One form per person.
  • Payment of $50.00* per membership is to be paid into the following bank account: 12-3119-0020387-03 (ref: Name & Members Club). *Non-Members will be charged $85.00 which includes Associate Membership of $35.00.
  • You will be emailed back to acknowledge the receipt of the form and payment, and to confirm membership or waiting list.
  • If for some reason you are on the waiting list, you will have your place number advised and the monies paid refunded until the vacancy arises.

We would welcome you into this group, and that you enjoy your time supporting the various activities and Junior & Senior rugby games that Marist NH will host.

We look forward to seeing you at the Club, and if you have any questions on the Member's Club, please contact Nathan Buckley, on 0272415531or operations@maristnh.co.nz.

Go the Saints!