Play Rugby in New Zealand

Do you want to play rugby in New Zealand next season? Or are you traveling to New Zealand and want to immerse yourself in a local amateur club?

Marist North Harbour has a proud history of welcoming players into our club family. We are always looking for players from around the globe who are looking for an authentic New Zealand rugby experience regardless of skill.

We are an amateur club we cannot help financially; however we may be able to assist in securing accommodation (with other players) and provide a supportive base for employment while in New Zealand.

We play in the North Harbour competition and have four senior teams to slot into.
If you are coming from overseas and looking to play rugby in New Zealand get in touch by email at info@maristnh.co.nz

International Clearances are a requirement under the International Rugby Board (IRB) Regulations which apply to all countries that are members of the IRB. A player is not eligible to play rugby in another country at any level until they have a valid International Clearance.

The process is generally quicker and smoother if this is initiated with the player's current International Union and completed before the player returns to New Zealand:

  1. The player must complete and sign the IRB clearance form and seek the approval of the overseas club that they are playing for. 
  2. The overseas club will then forward the form onto its National Union, who will sign and stamp the "Current Union" section of the clearance and forward it to NZR. 
  3. NZR will finalise the clearance by signing and stamping the "New Union" section and sending a copy to the New Zealand Provincial Union and the departed National Union. 
  4. The new Provincial Union will inform the club that the player has been cleared.
  5. The Club should notify the player accordingly.

International Player Clearance Policy, Process & FAQ's

International Player Clearance Application Form