Marist North Harbour Rugby Club Important Documents

On this page you will find the below documents. Scroll down to find links for each.

  • Constitution

  • Policies

  • Health & Safety Plan

  • Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Constitution of the Marist NH Rugby & Sports Club Inc

The Constitution is a basic set of rules for running our Club. It details for our members and others the name, objects, methods of management, and other conditions under which our Club operates and the reasons for our existence.



Marist NH Rugby Club Policies (coming soon)

Policies formalize and document the Club's rules and procedures and they can be used as a reference in case a dispute or a controversial incident occurs.

We are currently working on the following Policies. These will be living documents, continually edited and updated.


Marist NH Rugby Club Risk Analysis Management Plan

Our Risk Analysis Management Plan is used to continuously improve how we manage the risks associated with our Club, to encourage our volunteers and members to use safe practices, and to show that health and safety is important to us. This document ties in with the above Healthy & Safety Policy.


Marist NH Rugby Club Strategic Plan 2022-2026

The purpose of our Strategic Plan is to set overall goals for our Club and to develop a plan to achieve them. We consulted our membership on where our Club is headed and what its priorities should be. This feedback helped shape our strategy for the next 5 years.